Trendy Medium Length Hairstyles Of 2014

Mid length hairstyles are the hottest trend this year. People are asking for mid cuts so that they look trendy and classy at the same time. Gone are the days when fashionable women asked for short hair length or taking necessary measures to get long silky hair.

Jessica-Alba-Medium Length Hairstyles

Inspiration and class

Medium length hairstyles look so fresh, modern and trendy that it captivates you in an instant. It does not look way out of bounds where one has to take courage to tolerate the cutting of their precious hair nor the hard work of maintaining long length.

Look at the celebrities, all actresses seems to have a peek in future because they all are following medium length hairstyle already. They look extremely classy in this hairstyle.


The chop:

Well it’s the trendiest hairstyle in medium length. Girls and women of slight old age prefers this style as it looks perfect length for a stylish women. It’s not slinky and glossy yet it’s thick and voluminous.

The Leslie:

This hairstyle is more about the fusion of curls and straight hair. It looks elegant and suits to everybody. All you have to is to curl your tip of hair in random directions and then set it in sideway piece style.

Shag hairstyle:

It is one of the most “in” hairstyle this year. One can have edgy shags or make it in irregular curls with brow trimmed bangs. Either way it look good on every cast and color of women.

The Celina:

 It’s the most elegant medium length hairstyle. Slight long medium cut hair with bouncy layers embellished by curls towards the face gives you an innocent look.

The Vivian:

Smooth silky hair bending outwards is a very traditional trendy look that is never out of fashion. It enhances the personality to whole next level and it is one of the most sophisticated look for medium length hairstyle.

Blunt bangs and shoulder length hair:

 They look extremely gorgeous on girl of every age. It gives the impression that you have a natural hairstyle and you haven’t spent much time in front of mirror with curlers and straightener.

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