Trending Jewelry Fashion For Women 2020 Edition

This year it is all about the chunky, bold, and free-spirited styles. From chandelier and hoop earrings, to feathers, to jazz art deco chunky jewelry, you will find just about everything is about making a flashy statement. This spring is jovial and colorful. This is all about acting the bon vivant for others. If you really want to show your spirit colors and let your fashionista out, then you need to listen to the cues provided by magazines, the red carpet, and every day citizen style. Mix and match what you see and keep these following tips in mind.

Bangles-Design-For-Girls-2016This year the big earrings are totally popular. Chandelier and hoop earrings are making a comeback. But these aren’t quite as big as their predecessors from the disco era. These are moderately-sized version of vintage favorites. Some may even feature dangling feathers a la “Flower Power,” but with a subdued color scheme. And it’s important to note that these earring trends go well with hair accessories. Tiaras and hair bands are an ideal alternative for hats. They add a touch of whimsy and youth to any dressy outfit. This is also a great trend for the indie scene and for outdoor concerts.

Another very big decade-based style is the jazz deco-wear. Since the revival of the past is popular again (thank Boardwalk Empire and The Great Gatsby) you are going to be seeing flower motifs and art deco jewelry with very geometric designs. That and the 1960s are still a trending decade for design themes. It also means you get to incorporate some nice pendant necklaces and black diamonds–anything that has a traditional glamour and glitz. This is definitely not a trend for those who want to play it subtle, this is all about having the guts to sparkle and shine for the spotlight.

trending ankeletAnd anything with an orange or yellow hue will be very popular. Tangerine colored stones, burnt oranges, and browns are hot items. Try smoky quartz for something a tad darker. Yellow gold is another material to spark your interest–combine it with beryl or smoky quartz for an added colorful effect. You can’t go wrong with the colors from the hot side of the color wheel.

And these are only a few of the most popular trends for the spring of 2016. You will see more pop -up throughout the season. Who knows what’s in store for us from our favorite celebrities and fashion moguls.


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