Top Ten Coolest Sunglasses For Men

Top Ten Coolest Sunglasses For Men So you’re in the market for luxury sunglasses and thinking which ones fall into the category of cool. The problem is which ones are really going to suit you and more importantly fit you properly. Well its time to get off the sidelines and consider. After all spring is in the air and summer’s not too far away. But where do you begin? Sunglasses are a really important accessory and a very necessary addition to a smart man’s wardrobe. Apart from a beautiful watch how else can the urban sophisticate demonstrate his taste and a degree of savoir-faire. The best part about buying a really luxurious pair of sunglasses is that they should never go out of fashion. Sunglasses brands for men have come a long way in the last few years and it is because of these brands that men are getting a certain je ne sais quoi mystery factor these days. In the race to achieve top position in the sunglass brands list luxury eyewear makers are competing ferociously for their customers patronage. Here are the brands that have stood up to that challenge and gained a prestigious spot in the top 10 coolest sunglasses in the world this year.

#10. Persol – This brand has been famous since the 1930’s. Founded by the Ratti family, Persol have been responsible for many innovations in the field of hand made eyewear including the patented double sprung arm allowing additional flexibility in the temples. This Italian brand has achieved tenth place in the list of top rated sunglass brands.

#9. Louis Vuitton – Louis Vuitton is one of most expensive sunglass brands in the world. LV is famous for their handsome ladies handbags and fabulous designer clothes. Using first class materials and lenses this French made brand justifiably ears it position on the list of top rated sunglasses brands.

#8. Tom Ford – Famous as the ex design chief of Italian luxury brand Gucci, Ford hasn’t put a foot wrong since launching is eponymous, clothing, accessories and fragrance brand. With their signature temple decorations, Ford’s glasses are the epitome of good taste.

#7. Cutler & Gross – Founded in the 1960’s in swinging London C & G are famous for their thick cut plastic acetate style. Most of their styles are vintage inspired and are hand made in their factory in the mountains’ of Northern Italy.

#6. Oliver People’s – Larry Leight’s California based optical and sunglasses brand is now owned by the giant Italian Luxottica eyewear conglomerate but still produces top quality sunglasses in a variety of materials and finishes.

#5. Barton Perreira – Started by ex-alumnis of Oliver Peoples, Barton Perreira makes a large range of beautifully produced sunglasses in acetate and various metals. Simplicity and elegance are the key words to describe their production.

#4. Oliver Goldsmith – Another great vintage brand from the UK recently been revived by the niece of the founder. A wide selection of mostly plastic acetate frames from the family’s substantial archive.

#3. Prada – A legend in style and design. Prada is well known for its wonderful clothing, accessories and leatherwork. Their sunglasses aren’t too bad either!

#2. Garrett Leight – Son of Larry, Garrett is making some really cool designs. The manufacturing is done in China but the quality and styling is really top notch. Definitely earns its number 2 position on the list.

#1. Atelier Eyewear – This newcomer is the first brand to offer custom fit eyewear online and makes a range of sunglasses for men in luxurious Italian acetate and Japanese beta-Titanium. Their website allows you to try on your selection in a virtual mirror and to customize your choice of frame from a range of 30 colors and finishes. By handcrafting each pair of glasses according to customers’ exact measurements this brand offers the perfect combination of fit and style. It more than justifies its number one position on the list of coolest sunglasses for men.

Sunglasses are one of the most important accessories for men who want to stand apart from the crowd. These brands and products are the coolest in the world. The task of finding the perfect pair of sunglasses has just become a lot easier.

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