The Top 5 Latest Men’s hairstyle

Do want to look good and trendy? Do want to impress your colleagues? Do you want to represent yourself as the hottest guy among the girls? If yes, then check out these top 5 men’s hairstyles as they are in trend this season.

Nowadays, you cannot ignore your hairs, as they are also the most important part of your personality. As a guy, you can also have fun with your hairs by trying these varied hairstyles. Whether you have wavy, curly or straight hairs, you should never neglect them. Below we have explained the hottest hairstyles for men for every hair length whether it is short, medium or long.

  1. The Gelled Spikes:

The gelled spike is a very common and famous hairstyle all over the world nowadays. Men’s can pull over this style by cutting the hairs of the upper head to the minimum length so that gel can be applied to make spikes. You can take all hairs of your upper head or a part of it to adopt this style. This hairstyle is for any face type and texture but on short length hairs.

The Gelled Spikes Latest Men's hairstyle

 The Gelled Spikes Latest Men’s hairstyle

  1. The Slicked back style:

This is the very old hairstyle which is still in fashion nowadays. For this, first you have to damp your hairs and apply a styling gel. Don’t use gel on dry hairs. Then comb your hairs back away from your brows. You can also do variations with this style by combing hair on side part. This hairstyle is suitable for long length hairs.

The Slicked back style Latest Men's hairstyleThe Slicked back style Latest Men’s hairstyle

  1. The side swept style:

This style is very popular for evening dressing. Blow dry your hair after a shower with a vent brush, then part your hairs from the side. Start combing your hairs from the back to the front with the wider part and then apply hairspray. This is the best hairstyle for fine and straight medium hairs and suitable for oval and triangular shape faces.

 The side swept style Latest Men's hairstyle

The side swept style Latest Men’s hairstyle

  1. The wavy look:

This is a casual and evening wear look for guys. You have to first apply a texturing spray on your damp hairs then blow dry them with the help of diffuser to form waves in your long hairs. The diffuser also helps to provide the smooth look. At the end run fingers to set your hairs on one side or on the back side. This hairstyle is best carried out by long wavy or straight hairs.

The wavy look Latest Men's hairstyle The wavy look Latest Men’s hairstyle

  1. The Pompadour style:

The pompadour hairstyle is very in among youngsters.  First, wet your hairs and then blow dry them with the help of brush and pull them straight then back. Then apply pomade to keep the hairs in place. Men can adopt this style with long hairs from the front and relatively short hairs from the both sides.

So amp your overall looks with these amazing hairstyles for men. Whether you are going to a party or some business meeting, these hairstyles for men helps you to make a versatile personality.

The Pompadour style Latest Men's hairstyle

The Pompadour style Latest Men’s hairstyle

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