Straight and smooth Hair

A girl who has straight hair considers it as some kind of blessing bestowed upon her as taking care of straight hair is a lot easier and simpler than curly hairs. So, if you are a girl with straight hair then consider it as some true blessing but don’t take it as nothing to worry about because straight hair also needs attention and care in the form of conditioning or oiling depending upon your hair texture.

The girls with curly hair have to apply some expensive treatment, in order to get Short hairstyles for round faces. If you want your hair to be straight then we have brought some perfect home remedies for you and they all are completely free of chemicals. So, carefully read the following natural tips:

Short hairstyles for round faces

  1. Milky solution:

First of all, take a cup of milk and then add some honey in it. Mix two to three table spoon of honey very well then take some freshly mashed strawberries and mixed them too in the mixture of honey and milk. After mixing well, apply it on your hair and wash it with water. At the end, see the magical straightening effect, it will leave.

  1. Lemon mixture with milk:

Mix some lemon and coconut water. These both ingredients, when combined, can do wonders on your hair. Mixing them will create a creamy and smooth mixture that will leave a great smooth and straightening effect on your hair.

So, follow the above given great natural tips and be the woman with shiningly straight hair.

Haircuts for round faces

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