Star Wars – A Successful Series of Films

The series of films by the name of Star Wars was created by George Lucas. It was a trilogy of which the first film was released on May 25, 1977. The story is about a fictitious galaxy and the characters that live there. Space travel, super natural powers and evil forces are common features in the film. The second and the third sequels of the series were released at three year intervals. The film titled Star Wars was a release by 20th Century Fox.

The first three films of the Star Wars series were released three years after each other. Two of them did extremely well in the box office; however, the third movie in the series did not do as well as the first two. 16 years after the third movie in the Star Wars series was released, George Lucas began releasing prequels. There were three prequels that were released altogether, and they were each released three years apart. The final Star Wars movie was released in the year 2005. People were not sure how they felt about the prequels, but the final movie that was released had the best reactions out of the three.

The Star Wars series ended up making the third most amount of money behind James Bond and Harry Potter. Altogether, the Star Wars series made almost $4.5 billion. Since this movie was so successful, some of the movies in the series have been re released in theaters.

In the beginning, Universal Studios agreed to make the movies Star Wars and American Graffiti in 1971. However, Star Wars did not end up being made that year. In 1973, George Lucas decided that he did not want to give up on his movie, and he wrote a short summary of the movie that he entitled The Journal of Whills. The short summary was difficult to understand, so George Lucas had to go back and write a 13-page treatment of the film. In 1974, George Lucas added more material to the screenplay including the Sith as well as the Death Star.

George Lucas was determined to have the movie Star Wars made, and he kept making modifications to the screenplay. In the beginning, he never expected that the movie that he was working on would become a series. After the Star Wars movie was finally finished, he then decided to make it a series.

There are many people that enjoyed the Star Wars movies so much that they attend parties and meetings that are held in order to commemorate the movie. They dress up as characters that were in the film, and live the life like was in the films as best as they can, trying to recreate the film.

The Star Wars movies may not have each been popular by themselves, but there are numerous people that are entertained by the series.


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