Very Short Hairstyles for Those Who Are Different

You must wear your hair in a very charismatic and comfortable manner so that it would complete you, translates you and depicts you. And this can happen only if you are proud of your hair, be confident about everything and most importantly, it must intensely satisfy with your hairstyle.

Trend of short hairstyles

Having very short hairstyles is no easy thing. You constantly have to face different comments even sometimes condescending remarks but you know you have to prove them all wrong and inspires others to embrace the uniqueness in others. Being conscious about your neck, nape all the time is definitely a difficult task. You just can’t put a hair band on it nor can you tie them up. You have to carry your short hair with grace, beauty and everlasting cuteness.

Halle Berry short style

Halle Berry is definitely an inspiration for all the ladies. She is an epitome of a female who kept her feminism alive with her pixie cut. It looks cute, gorgeous and elegant on her. She feels pride in her very short hairstyle.

Asymmetrical short chops

Well this is a creative hairstyle for all those who love bangs and chops but prefer to keep their hair very short. It looks flattering with your beautiful smile and confident gesture.

High profile

This hair cut is not only beautiful but it looks extremely professional yet cute. Soft sleekness of this very short hairstyle is the reason it is very popular these days.

Slight incline

This is one of the gorgeous hairstyles these days. Soft angled bob with front bangs looks extremely flattering and chic for your personality. It gives you positive vibes about yourself.

Kissable me

This is one of the classical hairstyles. It still is in trend and allows you to be stylish and fashionable at all times. Soft perfect bob is extremely attractive and enigmatic.

Miley Cyrus’s hair do

Miley Cyrus has been in news lately, first because of herself and then because of her latest hairstyle. She experimented with her long beautiful hair that have been in fashion now. This hairstyle is low maintenance and looks cute on every female’s face.


This hairstyle has been rocking the rock music fans for so long. Front soft waves gives an impression of wavy pompadour, looks classy, different and rocking. It definitely looks cute on your face cut if you are happy and satisfied with it.

Short too longed

This is a perfectly cute combination of long hair with short hair. Front flicks facing face will be long and for more creative touch you can have them in waves or curl them while other hair remains chopped.

Short shag

It is quite an awesome hairstyle that looks flattering, hot and happening. Without much care this hair looks perfect at all times. This hairstyle makes you confident and a rebellion among all others. For sure, any female who follow this hairstyle will look extremely super-hot in this haircut.

Wear your hair in a way that you will be proud of yourself. Best of luck with short hairstyle.

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