Selena Gomez Rocks Her Adorable Curly Hairstyles

Well renowned singer and famous Disney Channel starrer, Selena Gomez has been attracting millions ever since she first appeared in showbiz industry at the age of seven. Her celebrity reputation and charismatic personality continues to amaze her fans with her ever changing but gorgeously charming facade.

Selena Gomez Rocks Her Adorable Long Curls

This beauty diva carries herself in utmost grace and crisp trendy outfits. Whether it’s a sophisticated walk on the red carpet, another basking television appearance, or just being the girl-about-town, Gomez always manages to hold the spot light with her sweet grin and spectacular appearance. Lately this stunning pop star has had her lion’s share of fame regarding her soft bouncy curls. In her interview to a magazine, Selena confessed her personal fondness towards her bubbly curls.

I have always had this wavy hair I had learnt to love over the time, and that’s why I used to wear them straight most of the times because you always want what you don’t have but now I prefer curls because they are more close to the real me’

The traditional ‘undone’ touch

While all celebs prefer the neatly done hair with a drop of perfection, Selena Gomez Long Curly Hairstyle shows the traditional undone appearance that attracts the attention recently. The orderly settled curls with a few random locks swaying in different directions, her hair gives you an idea that she hasn’t worked too hard on it.

Selena’s iconic curly hairstyles

Curly Hairstyles

Teen fashion icon, Selena Gomez has always experimented with her hair. She has tried almost all curly long hairstyles carrying each one of them with a unique elegance; blending the traditional hair layout with a pinch gleaming glamour along the way. Here’s a list of her top most tremendous curly hairstyles.

  • Retro Curls:
    Among Selena Gomez’s long curly hairstyles one of the most celebrated long curly hairstyle is the retro curls that not only give her the stylish classy looks but also the feminine poise. She has flaunted her hair on the red carpet many a times with her trim and polished full retro curls.
  • The chic up-do:
    This enchanting hairstyle has suited her ‘Disney Princess’ image with the curly rebellious tresses layered smoothly one on other divulging her ravishing gowns.
  • Long curls loosely braided to a side:
    Selena is one pop idol who has been seen repeatedly with braided hair. Selena’s long curls look fabulous with puffed bangs and one-side braid. It is definitely the most popular Selena Gomez long curly hairstyles
  • Casual long curls:
    Selena’s casual long curls are much in fashion among the teens. Different sized, casual long curls left undone at distal ends perfectly frame her round baby face in a beautiful way.

 Curly Hairstyles

Reported by many life channels and fashion magazines, Selena’s long curly hairstyles have gained her a distinguished fame becoming the new style statement. Selena’s gorgeously dazzling round curls with a hint of messy randomness continue to uphold her very own statement:  I’m no beauty queen, I’m just beautiful me!

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