Oh My Christine’s Pearls

The happiest place on earth, or at least the shopping area adjacent to the happiest place on earth: Disneyland. So many happy families and cute couples everywhere roamed downtown Disneyland. The kiosks were busy with onlookers, and children with big mouse ears and bigger mouse balloons giggled along the pavement. It was our first date, young and awkward we walked from vendor to vendor pretending to be interested in what lay before us. We stood before an oyster kiosk that advertised opening an oyster with a guaranteed pearl inside. I had always wanted to try these kind of things, and pondered which oyster to choose for ages, as if I could actually sense which pearl lay on the inside. I eagerly opened it up, and it revealed a gorgeous luminescent pearl that gleamed with possibility. My date asked if I wanted it as earrings, necklace or a ring, and I chose a simple chain. It was a really sweet gesture to have him gift me with a pearl necklace on our first date, and years later I still have it dangling around my neck every day.

OH_MY_CHRISTINEPearls are classy, elegant, and timeless and sure to highlight any woman’s natural beauty. Oh My Christine has gorgeous pearl rings, necklaces, and earrings that are guaranteed to adorn your body with their lustrous shine. Without the hassle of having to open up an oyster and possibly get a pearl in a color or size you didn’t like, Oh My Christine’s jewelry allow you to choose the exact pearl you like. Whether a gift from a beau or a gift to yourself, these pearls will radiate and accentuate your features.

Her fresh water grey pearl earrings are a soft shade of grey with a 14k yellow gold backing. These can be worn on a classy dinner date to just upgrade your wardrobe a notch. Oh My Christine features pearl and grey pearl pieces, with optional diamond accents to add dazzle to any necklace. These can all be worn on the daily, as I do, or to add just a touch of glamour on special occasions.

Stacking delicate rings on the same hand or same fingers is definitely the trend right now, and with Oh My Christine’s numerous pearl rings you can undoubtedly look stylish and draw attention to your gorgeous manicure. She has three different kinds of ‘two pearl’ rings; a white gold band with pink pearls, a Southsea cream pearl with a white gold ring, and a band with diamonds on each side. There is also a delicate V shaped diamond ring with a pearl in the middle, a ring with a gold band and pearl in the middle, and a ring with a diamond on the other side. All of these rings would look beautiful stacked together, to check them out visit- http://ohmychristine.com/.


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