Numerous Strategies For Winning Over The Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is without question one of the leading not to mention most prosperous fields of business as there is never a lack of demand for beauty items, regardless of whether it is an old respected brand or a new innovation. Nonetheless, one of the cornerstones of a profitable cosmetic or beauty brand is efficient marketing and advertising: a premium quality product that is many decades old or has not gone through any changes in its formula can continue to contend with the most recent and also most technologically advanced inventions if it is marketed effectively. This has been the scenario with Ceramide and other Elizabeth Arden perfumes the moment a particularly esteemed CEO took over as the brand’s managing director in the year 2003.

Ahead of the appointment of a particularly esteemed CEO as managing director at Elizabeth Arden, Ceramide sales were steadily diminishing as interest for the product receded among the general public. Nevertheless, the business executive had believed within the quality and effectiveness of this brand, and believed that with a real wonderful product, there’s no reason to be unsuccessful in the market. Because of her ability to understand the different factors which affect brand recognition and come up with a good marketing plan, fascination with Ceramide grew once again and sales and profits grew by 80%-all within a year of her term as managing director.

Besides improving product sales substantially for an age-old product that was on the verge of becoming wiped out, she additionally helped in positioning three of Elizabeth Arden’s perfumes in Australia’s list of top 10 bestselling fragrances. Among these is Curious BRITNEY SPEARS, which was launched via a one-of-a-kind event attended by a thousand ladies of different ages. This launch event for Curious BRITNEY SPEARS, aptly dubbed as The Ultimate Girls’ Night Out, ultimately powered sales for the new fragrance, earning a 49.6 percent earnings gain to arrive at A$31.7 trillion for the brand. With its staggering success, this launch was likewise hailed as the most successful fragrance launch in the country’s history, earning this business executive accolades for Director of the Year from JML, Macquarie Bank and The Australian Human Capital Awards and Launch of the Year from Ad News.

So what are the secrets to a booming career in the industry of beauty? As implausible as it might seem to be, she reveals that the influence on her leadership ideals is derived from an ancient war strategist’s treatise of war. As stated by the highly recognised business executive, the beauty industry – or just about any area of business, for that matter – is comparable in many different ways to war. Thus, in depth knowledge of the market, strategic planning, competitors and the business landscape, good judgment and a splash of bold are necessary to achieving success.

Just what are the secrets to a performance breakthrough in the industry of beauty? As impossible as it may appear to be, a certain prominent businesswoman shares that the influence over her leadership ideals originates from an ancient war strategist’s treatise of war. As stated by the highly recognized business executive, the industry of beauty, or any kind of area of business for that matter, is similar in many different ways to war.

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