Neha will turn twenty-five in twenty days.  She has many ideas about how to celebrate her birthday and wrote detailed plans, expense estimations, and fun ideas to materialize. Twenty-five is a big milestone in life, thought Neha. Neha lived a disciplined life and now, has a satisfying job. She presently works as an Assistant Photographer at a well known Wildlife magazine. Neha spends most of her work days travelling to jungles with her three-member team, carefully and patiently waiting for dawn when wild animals come out to hunt, maintaining a cautious distance and  taking amazing pictures. Apart from working with the lens, lighting, and using photography skills, her Profession required Neha to have quick reflexes and amazing planning. Her three-member team included a Nature advisor and Wild animal behavioural specialist, Aruna, twenty-eight and Ibrahim, a thirty-year-old research associate who usually advised, documented, and took care of the overall work. During the course of work, Neha, Aruna, and Ibrahim became close friends. Their next mission was to spend two weeks in a remote village named ‘Kantapur’ two hundred kilometres from Delhi to photograph and research the migration of birds. Neha, the chilled out the young girl she is, packed her bag with three comfort Leggings for Girls, and seven solid women tops. As her travel clothing, she picked a Khaki colored Jeggings for Girls and a polo shirt. Aruna is a dress lover and she packed Jeggings for Girls and a few Girls Dresses as Aruna and Ibrahim planned to throw a surprise pre-Birthday party for Neha.  Ibrahim packed himself two jeans and four T-Shirts and left his house.

leggingsNeha, Aruna, and Ibrahim meet at the Bangalore Railway Station, have their breakfast together and wait for their Rajdhani train to New Delhi. The three are workaholics and extremely Professional; hence they plan their schedule and discuss any hurdles during their twenty-four hour journey.  Four hours pass and their schedule planning is complete as they scheduled it to be. Aruna and Ibrahim secretly plan Neha’s surprise party throughout the journey. Neha’s comfort Jeggings for girls made her very comfortable and she took a nice nap in her allotted compartment. Aruna too slept two nice hours in her Jeggings for Girls. Ibrahim, the book lover, spent his time completing his book by Anita Desai.

leggingsThe first day in Kantapur went talking to locals and understanding their views on bird migrations. The locals, as always were very friendly and embraced them with love and affection. In the evening of the third day, Neha is surprised when Aruna and Ibrahim gift her two Girls Dresses and a Leggings for Girls for her Birthday. They also surprise her with a cake. Neha feels elated for finding such nice friends at work. They spend their night watching a documentary on the Universe. The next morning, the three-member-team plan to spend three hours in the village school teaching kids about the birds migratory process and let them use their binoculars and cameras. On knowing that Neha shares her birthday with one of the Teachers at school, she gives one of her Girls Dresses and Leggings for Girls to the teacher as a gift. The Teacher accepts hesitantly. Neha learns that although she likes to celebrate her birthday, she believes that real happiness is in sharing the joy.

leggings leggings

Ibrahim and Aruna are extremely proud of Neha. They appreciate Neha for her noble cause and thinking and in her decision to choose to share love and happiness than throwing a huge party and generating more nondegradable waste. Neha, Ibrahim, and Aruna make a tradition for their birthdays. They take an oath to give away food, books, and clothing to the ones in need during each of their birthday week. They would also volunteer in a remote location, teach kids and adults and help villagers live a better life. This, they believed gave them more happiness. And most importantly, they were happy to have met each other and to have similar aspirations in life. Soul mates, they called each other!

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