Most Delightful Short haircuts for thick curly hair

Style is defined by how one carries her persona. Style explains about one’s choices and life experiences. In a personality, apart from dress and manners, hairstyle is an integral aspect that speaks a lot about oneself. The interesting thing with hairstyles is that there is no definition of perfect hairstyle rather it completely depends on your own personality, comfort and preference. Experimenting with hairstyles is however proved to be very curious and fun where you are open to have any hairstyle.


Changing your hairstyle once in a while will give a spark to your personality, it would be showing off that you are brave and adventurous who is open to new ideas, unlike old schools you are not stick to one hairstyle that is probably ancient for you now. Hairstylists and fashion analysts encourage all females to have new hairstyles to give their personality a new look. A makeover is always good to have as it will give a 180 degree shift in your overall appearance whether you change your clothing style or not. Hairstyle is essential component in strong character building.

Thick curly hair are not a conventional type of hair so they do need some extra care and quirky styles to carry them. There are enormous ways to style your thick curly hair. Always wear your hair in a comfortable manner and be confident about it. A good hairstyle is the one that enhances your facial features and make you look good and simply fashionable in a very obvious way. Hairstyles differ according to the occasion. Here are some suggestions for thick curly hair.

  • Shaggy style


It’s among the popular women’s haircuts for thick curly hair. It looks casual and very appealing. Pretty and perfect hair style for your short thick curly hair.

  • Twisted bangs

Bangs are quite in fashion these days. For all those women who have thick curly hair, well bangs are surely for them.

  • Bob cut    
  • Bob cut is among the oldest women’s short haircuts for thick curly hair. They look very natural and looks perfect on your hair type. You just have to carry your bob cut with quirkiness and panache.
  • Extravagant pixie

Well pixies do look bold and beautiful and if you add some extravagance to pixie haircut, you will be delighted how extraordinary it would look on you.

  • Messy hair dry

Have a Twist in your hair style with messiness. Use hair dryer on your undone and uneven hair, do not brush after drying and leave it as it is. For short hair it is the most instant, simple and attractive look.

  • Crazy curls

Short haircuts for thick curly hair

Have a haircut that will allow you to have tight curls casually. This look is chic and very cute. Moreover, it suits to women of every age. It’s not a casual look and definitely not a formal look yet it gives a happening appearance to your personality.

  • Blunt end bobs

It’s a famous hairstyle in celebrities, hence it’s trending. Be confident about your short curly thick hair and wear it in an edgy look that blunt end bob can give you. It looks advanced and very futuristic.

  • Asymmetric bob

Asymmetry is the new wave of fashion that has taken up every girl and women with awe and inspiration. It’s a creative haircut for all type of hairs. Hence it looks casual and happening at the same time. It does not look gothic or dark but can be very cute, feminine and awesome if you wear it that way. Highlights of maroon, blonde, neon green and blue can give edge to this haircut.

  • Spiky pixie

Spikes in your pixie haircut will make you look you more confident and coolest person. You will love your pixie cut when you tend to have spikes.

  • Layered pixie

Layers in thick curly hair looks very beautiful. It is the kind of a haircut that is advanced and very feminine. Looks great on all females.

  • Afro style

Well this Afro look is the most blended and suitable for women. It is among the most popular women’s short haircuts for thick curly hair. It not only looks cool, awesome and voluminous but also gives a certain spark to your personality.

  • Boyish curls

Though name suggests that it’s a manly kind of hair look but have faith that it’s not. Loose or tight curls in a boyish haircut is exactly a thing for all those who don’t want to look chic yet want to have a sexy and mysteriously cute look.

  • Vintage hair

“History repeats itself” is a famous notion that is true in every sense. Same is the case with hairstyles. Vintage short haircuts are back. Classic vintage short hairstyle is for all those women who want to look elegant and mystic.

  • Pixie with long bangs

This is a very unusual haircut and a very brave one too. Not only it looks intriguing but it is very amusing. Long bangs and short pixie is definitely one heck of a combination and surely a matter of creativity. You must be bold enough to try this haircuts for round faces.

  • Undercut bob

Bold and beautiful is what undercut bob haircut is. It looks more natural and ethnic to wear such a brave and experimental hairstyle. Many celebrities are wearing this haircut on red and green carpet events. All you need confidence and courage to show off your strength as a woman.

For short curly and thick hair it is almost easy to apply some gel on hair to give it an extra lavishing shine and firm setting. Hair gel is a product that sets your hair and prevents it from being out of control. It keeps the hairstyle in place and definite. The excess of hair gel is definitely not advised but it is better to apply gel when going to special occasions.

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