Military Style Cot Inspires Guest Room

Military Style Cot Inspires Guest Room Setting up a guest room is something many homeowners attempt at some point. Having that extra space to house loved ones during a short visit is a convenience that adds major value to a home. When organizing a guest room, there are many elements to consider. Most importantly, there is the subject of the bed, which is often the focal point of any guest room. For something out of the ordinary, consider using a military style cot. These cots are attractive looking, giving a vintage feel to the space, and can often be purchased at a lower cost than a traditional bed.

When designing a room around a military cot, use other military inspired elements to give a cohesive look to the space. A navy or army green paint color on the walls achieves this effect nicely. Bed linens in crisp white add to the feel of army-issued items. A few trunks stacked on top of each other create a charming and whimsical side table. And small accessories like 50’s-era clocks or table fans finish the look. If you have army or navy personal effects, like a grandfather’s uniform or medals, have these professionally framed and hung on the wall to add authenticity to the room.Military Style Cot Inspires Guest Room

Look for these army inspired accessories in a number of places. A thrift store is ideal, as many people donate such items once they are no longer needed. Focus on objects that evoke the feeling of a long ago era, like 40’s style furniture and accessories. Vintage wallpaper in a print that is reminiscent of the South Pacific also fits with this theme. Other places to look include garage sales and army navy stores. By trying out a number of venues to pick up your furnishings, you can collect an eclectic mix of objects that look vintage without being tacky.

Make sure the military style cot you use is in good working condition. As someone will be spending their nights on the bed, you want it to be comfortable. You can find these cots in a number of ways, from antique stores to online dealers specializing in this sort of merchandise. Make sure to invest in a quality mattress for the cot, which will save you money in the long run as you won’t have to replace it as frequently. Add other luxuries like a down blanket and feather pillows, to dress up the otherwise basic cot.

Once the room is finished, add a few intimate touches to get it ready for your first guest. Small things like a stack of books and magazines can go a long way to helping someone feel at home. Also include a stack of clean white towels hung over a chair and a basket of toiletries like shampoo, soap and lotion. A radio or television set can also help set your guest at ease, as will a jug of water and a few drinking glasses. Going this extra step shows your guest you care.

However much space you have to work with, you can easily convert a room into a military inspired oasis. You can add small touches or go as far as you like with the theme, depending on your own personal tastes. With a bit of planning and forethought, you’ll have a welcoming space just waiting to greet your guests.

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