Look trendy in Teenage Hairstyles for Long Straight Hair

Long straight hair are difficult to have and definitely not easy to carry. They need attention and care. One cannot have long hair if she does not take proper care of her hair. Hairs not always grow the way we want. Undoubtedly, long sleek healthy hair are one of the major elements of beauty. With long hair, one can have almost all sorts of hairstyles because they easily wound up or molded into any type of hairstyle. New-Long-Hair-Styles
Teenage girls are not always go for short or middle length hair because they like long straight hair more. It’s absolutely an amazing feeling to wear long straight hair in school. Moreover, long hair can give you dazzling hairstyles for various formal and casual events or parties.Hairstyles-for-long-hair1-225x300
Chocolate strands
A pinch of chocolate and ginger color strands if wear in side swept layer bangs then you are destined to catch all attention in a gathering. This is modern, influential and extremely modern hairstyle for teenage girls.
Fishtail braid
Trend of fishtail braid is very popular these days so it won’t hurt if you follow the current by wearing your hair in fishtail braid but by adding a little creativity and innovation in this hairstyle. Your straight long hair would look gorgeous; if you put loose curls and then braid your hair in fishtail. This would give freshness to the trendy hairstyle.hair
Jagged little pill
Razor cut bangs framing the face in edgy manner that would look classy, modern and happening. If strands are colored red or maroon then it would take this shoulder length straight hair to whole next level of style. everyday-hairstyles-for-long-hair
Braided headband
Braiding of full hair is quite common but braided headband is a very classical and royal hairstyle of all times. This gives an appearance of Disney princess and you ultimately feel so good and royal when you wear it. Rest of the hair will fall on shoulders and the volume and texture of your beautiful hair will be there to dazzle your friends and acquaintances. This is one of the basic formal hairstyles, beads and hairpins add cuteness to your appearance.Curl Long Hair with a Curling Iron
Sweet tease
Back comb a little from the front and leave your hair in loose curls. This hairstyle is quite enigmatic and modern as it makes you confident and voguish at same time. Things are changing with advancing world but hairstyles have not changed altogether rather they have become innovative and more trendy as time passes. Sweet tease is one of the altered hairstyles of old times. hairstyles-for-girls-with-long-hair-braid-50
Flared bun
Though buns are not for casual days but for a change you can either try these or make it simpler and wear your long straight hair in this gorgeous and voluptuous hair do.Double knotted up do-400
There are numerous teenage hairstyles for long straight hair and with little effort you can look gorgeous and stylish in routine days. Whatever your hairstyle is, always be confident and happy like it’s your first days of new life.Easy Hair Styles

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