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Hauls is revolutionizing the way that products are sold online. How many times have you watched a Youtube video and had to scroll to the bottom for a product, only to be forwarded to a page where you have to search high and low for the product you want? If the answer to this question is many times, then will be the perfect platform for you. Viewers of get the opportunity to watch their favorite Haulers, while shopping products used simultaneously. is the only social shopping network, which allows for a more organic connection between the Hauler and the viewers and the Haulers and fashion and beauty brands. is affiliated directly and indirectly with over 40,000+ top beauty and fashion brands. This effortless and hassle-free way of buying products is revolutionizing the way that people watch online DIY hair, makeup, and fashion tutorials.

Up Next for Hauls
Though the website and app are already available for download through the Apple Store and Google Play, they are officially launching both November 17, 2016. They will, of course, celebrate their official launch in style, with a private event with about three hundred high profile guests. The event will host top social media influencers and celebrities, that will have the opportunity to interview with top media outlets in a private and secluded red carpet back area. Hauls knows how to do it big, on countless occasions, they have sent Haulers to award shows and fashion events all over the country.

A Haulers Life
It is easy to get involved with the Hauls revolution, either as a Hauler or a user/viewer of the site. doesn’t just make it easier for the viewers but also for the Haulers. To become a Hauler all potential vloggers have to do is upload three already made videos to create a Hauler Profile Page. By being a Hauler with you get a bigger commission rate than working with non-organically with current platforms and sponsors. Hauls believe that 5% of every vlogger’s fan base can be turned into super shoppers. By bringing that 5% of super shoppers to their Haulers page they are able to bring in a lot more in commission.

Haulers are also equipped with a top of the line analytic system that will be able to track where Haulers fans are being routed from and how much hits they get per month. It also tracks what shoppers are buying the most and how much money Haulers are making per sale.

With the options to succeed are unlimited. For more information regarding and how to get more involved please visit, http:/

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