How to style short curly hair with gel?

Here are the steps to apply gel on your hair and give it a set wet and adventurous luxurious look:

  • Wash your hair, cleanse it. Wash your hair with shampoo and apply conditioner afterwards.
  • Apply any renowned brand of hair gel on wet hair generously and leave it like that.
  • Let the gel dry with your hair without any brushing or combing, this way it will crystalize and gives a solid shine to your hair.
  • Now, when your hair dries, gently rub off the gel crystals, comb your hair, straighten out your curls a little and then make your desired hairstyle.

By doing above steps, your hair will look generously voluminous and lavishing. These are simple steps describing how to style short curly hair with gel. Hopefully they will be of great help for styling your hair.

How to style short curly hair with gel


  • Up and away

This pierce hairdo is done with hair gel. It is a confident hairstyle. It’s easy to make and comfortable to wear it on proms and formal gatherings.

  • Wild instincts

Well wild instincts hairstyle is for all those sparky ladies who want to do experiment with their hair and want to have some more fun, creativity and adventure with their hair. This hairstyle is perfectly done with a good gel product.

  • Flippin’ out

Get a pixie cut, have front bangs and get a hair gel. Apply hair gel on the bangs in a way that it would point out, let it dry. Flipping out hairstyle is there and you are all set to go to the party. This is among the best tips on how to style short curly hair with gel.

  • Spunky spikes

Another gel oriented hairstyle is spunky spikes. Luxurious spunky front flicks looks super cool and adventurous. The above spikes are definitely dependent on hair gel. Texture of spunky spikes are so new and appealing that every female will love every bit of their hair.

  • Curl couture

Tight curls in abundance on top of your head like a natural crown is definitely a look for all the middle aged ladies this summer. Not only is this hairdo elegant but also very charming and bold. It tells a lot about your personality and how you carry your hairstyle. Going vintage sometime make you an eligible role model for young ones.

  • Wavy heights

Give your short a hair a new kind of cut that have uneven and irregular hair strands. Together this chaos of hair looks pretty charming and exquisite.

  • Highlighted strands

Bold maroon, ash grey, luminous pink, neon green and turquoise blue are the colors for highlights in your hair. Trust me highlights in short thick curly hair are not only prominent but also very classy and endearing advancement in making your hair look great. Women according to their age and social orientation can choose the colors for highlights.

In a nut shell, it is evident that short thick curly hair are naturally beautiful. With a pinch of styling and inventing new styles, your thick curly hair can look beautiful and promising. Embrace your curls and thickness with warm heart and try to keep it fresh and new.




Short thick curly hair can look mesmerizing if you just give some attention to them. With such exciting and creative hairstyles, your hair can look gorgeous and beautiful.

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