How to Style Naturally Curly Hair with Bangs

Girls are really conscious about their looks and their style. They take care of themselves from head to toe and keep their look fresh. They never compromise with their looks and style. Dressing and makeup are one of the things that they care about but if their hair is not set rightly then their all the efforts on their dressing, shoes or makeup will go to the ruin.

Naturally Curly Hair with Bangs

Hair Styling: The most taken care issue

Yes, it is true that most important part of a girl’s makeover is her hairstyling. This is the first thing that is taken care of whenever a girl considers change in her look. There are different sort of hair types that girls get naturally. Girls have straight, wavy or curly hairs. In curly category, there are classes of extreme curly to normal curly hair.

Best Hair is Naturally Curly Hair:

Naturally Curly Hair with Bangs

If you ask me then in my perspective, curly hair is the best hair texture that a girl can get. Some girls having curly hair may think that it’s hard to maintain or style curly hairs but ask straight hair girls who try to get curls in their hair for the sake of getting an alluring party hairstyle. They keep curlers of different kinds to get their hair turn into several curls from the front or sometimes from the back side. So, if you have natural curly hairs then you are a lot lucky that you don’t have to undergo this hassle of turning your hair into curls by the means of curlers or other hair irons.

Curly hair is much more alluring and flatteringly stylish. If you are thinking that styling curly hairs is a lot difficult than a wavy or straight hairs then you are wrong because now with the help of different products, you can turn them into whatever style you want with great ease.

Issues with Curly Hairs:

This is acceptable fact that naturally curly hair has its flaws with it like they get very easily frizzy in humid atmosphere. They get easily tangled and it’s a bit hard to get it cut according to one’s desire.

Easy to Follow Solutions for those Issues:

Having these issues with your naturally curly hair, doesn’t mean that there is no solution for such issues. You can always use some conditioners or hair-moisturizing products for keeping it away from tangled and fizziness issue. Secondly, cutting issue can be eliminated as you just have to find a hairstylist who is specialist in this area of cutting naturally curly hair.

Best Style for Curly Hairs:

Naturally Curly Hair with Bangs

The best styles for curly hairs are the bangs. You may be thinking that you have heard from some people that Bangs are not at all suitable for naturally curly hairs. In an answer to such gibberish statements, style your natural curls into bangs and make them shut up!

How to style Short Curly Hair with Bangs:

Here are some steps explained for styling your naturally curly hair into bangs.

  1. Give it a Wash:

Before getting your haircut, wash it properly using moisturizing shampoos and conditioner in order to avoid frizzy condition of curly hairs.

  1. Dry it completely:

Let your hair get dry after washing it because sometimes curly hairs are cut in wet conditions and when they are dried, people get a lot shorter hair than they desire. So, keep this length issue in mind and let your sophisticated curls to dry on their own. Never let yourself straighten them before cutting. Keep them as they are and you would be able to cut your bangs easily with the issue of length in mind.

  1. Use comb to separate hairs for Bangs:

Use a fine comb for parting your hair. Just keep it an inch back from your hairline. If you want some really thick bangs then keep your comb two inches back from your hairline. Now, draw a part by combing your hair backward. In this manner, a fine part will be drawn between the hair that you are going to give bangs to and the hair which will fall free of bangs on your shoulder.

  1. Separate the parts cautiously:

Now move the front part forward for turning them into bangs and the back part of your hair must be clipped and tied carefully in order to avoid cutting them and for keeping them intact.

  1. Pull the front part to make it ready for a cut:

Now you are required to pull your front part to be combed properly. Comb the front part twice. Remember, in the second combing, you have to keep that comb into the hair. Keep the comb below one inch of the point of your desired haircut length. Because curls get up and may get shorter than the person’s wish to have.

While pulling your hair to one side, you must keep it on the opposite side of where you are intending to keep you bangs. It means that if you have intentions to keep your bangs on the left side of the face then you have to pull them towards right side of the face for cutting.

  1. Now time for Point Cutting:

As your hair is now ready for a cut after you have kept your count for bangs length by putting your comb an inch below of your desired length into your hair for cutting. Now use a good cutting scissor and use point cutting technique as it gives a natural touch to the hair.

  1. Time to Style your Bangs:

Now it is the time to leave you bangs free and let them move to the side of the face on which they naturally move.

  1. See if You Want it to Cut More:

Now as you have gotten your bangs, it’s time to check the length. If your length is not according to your desire then you are supposed to repeat the above process and it is recommended that you cut your bangs in sessions to keep a check on the bangs length.

So, you must have gotten an idea from the above steps that “How to Style Short Curly hair with Bangs”.

Don’t worry whenever you will get bangs in your naturally curly hair, you can get a lot of guidance over the internet regarding hairstyles for curly hair with bangs. There are a lot of interesting and cute hairstyles for short curly hair with bangs as well.

Cute Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair with Bangs:

Naturally Curly Hair with Bangs

  1. Use a Hairband:

If you want an elegant but easy to make hairstyle then you can do so by just using a simple hairband. You have two options for you to use a hairband. First one is to put a hairband on and leaving your curly bangs to one side of your head. Second one is to put that hairband in such a manner that your bangs come under your hairband. So, you can make a puffy look out of your short bangs.

  1. Hair clips:

You can handle your bangs with some hair clips that may give a really cute look to one’s face. You have the choice of selecting the hair clip. You can either select a very simple hair clip or a very fancy one, depending upon the occasion for which you are styling your hair.

  1. Throw your Bangs away from your face:

Mix your curly bangs with the rest of the curly hair and get a great volume around your face. This one may look a lot flattering and stylish. This may not be done by just combing your bangs backward. You may use some kind of curl iron to move your bangs away from your face. After ironing, you can use your finger to give style to the Bangs.

  1. Pin your Hair Up:

All the above mentioned styles were for free falling hair. You can also give a stylish look to your bangs by pinning all of your hair up and leaving your bangs free to fall.

So, these were some styles for curly hair with bangs. Try all of them one by one and I am sure that you are going to like them a lot.

You can add bangs to your short curly hairstyle. You will find a great number of models and actresses who have Short Curly Hair with Bangs. Short curly hair with bangs looks a lot voluminous and perfectly graceful. Some of the hairstyles for curly hair with bangs are Retro Waves, Controlled Chaos (looks great on colored hair), wondrous voluminous waves, rebel curls and many more cute styles; you can get over the internet or from model’s catalogs.

So, don’t be embarrassed or worried about your naturally curly hair as curls are great and now they can be easily managed. So, embrace them with full acceptance and style them by following above useful tips and steps that will look great on you for sure. Be easy on your hair and get whatever style you want. Don’t listen to the naysayers who always say that nothing is for naturally curly hair. Show them that they are wrong!

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