Hairstyle for College Girls

Girls take care of everything when it comes to their look, especially girls of college. At this young age, girls experiment more on their looks. They specially take care of their hair as hairstyle is the most important and prominent thing in a person’s makeover. Hairstyle is considered to be the crowning glory of one’s personality.

Sometimes college girls get confused about the kind of hairstyle they want. As being a college girl, they are supposed to look neat and innocent. But some kind of hairstyles can make girls look gaudy and older than their age. College girls should go for the hairstyles which suit their face and make them look innocent and young which they are.

Some of the interesting hairstyles are given here for young girls to try, which will make them look amazingly pretty and won’t snatch the innocence of their face.

Hairstyle for College girls1

A Messy Bun Hairstyle:

This hairstyle is perfect, convenient and easy to make for all college girls. You don’t have to take a lot of time out of your busy routine to make this hairstyle up. Messy Bun hairstyle gives a fresh look to one’s face. So, if your hair length is medium to large, you can try this hairstyle easily.

A Messy Bun Hairstyle

Chopstick hairstyle:

Another great hairstyle for college girls, you can try this one too with great ease. It will also look great on your face. This chopstick hairstyle doesn’t require a real chopstick; you can make this up with a pencil in your hand. This is the famous hairstyle among young girls, so do give it a try.

This hairstyle is best for the girls with long hair length.

Chopstick hairstyle,

A band hairstyle:

If you are interested in leaving your hair free rather than tying them up then you can use a hair band of your choice to avoid your hair coming on your face. This also looks really neat and stylish. This can even go best for girls with short hair length. So, get yourself a stylish and decent color hair band. This will for sure enhance your stylish look.

A band hairstyle


Simple Pony tail:

If you are in a hurry because of your exam or your presentation and you don’t feel like indulging yourself in the hassle of trying different hairstyles then just try a simple hairstyle which is a pony tail. Pony tail looks great on young girls and this is indeed the easiest hairstyle.

simple pony tail hair style

Side French Braid:

If you want to look different yet stylish then do go for side French braid. You just have to make a French braid on both side of your hair line. This looks elegant and modern. Young girls try this frequently and it looks great on every face.

Side French Braid


Heavy fringe:

You can cut your front hairs into a fringe. This looks fresh on face. Fringe looks great in both ways. Either you can set your hair free or you can make a bun of hairs on the back side of head.

So, if you are a college girl and you want to have some great hairstyles then here a given some fresh hairstyles for college girls.

Heavy fringe

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