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It is used to say that if you have done your hair properly you can get away with anything. The way you style your hair represents your personality. If you manage your hair properly then you would definitely look different. Hair bun is a kind of traditional hair style that girls and ladies can easily wear in different parties and functions, especially in summer. It is quite simple and easy to conceive that you can easily make it at home by following different steps.

Things needed to make bun are:wedding-hairstyles-updos-bun-indian-wedding-hairstyle-ideas

 elastic band to tie hair,

 comb to settle the hair,

 bobby pins,

 hairspray to manage the fly and rough hair.

First, simply comb your all hair to the back; you want to make sure your hair is taken back neatly. Use comb or hairbrush to sort any tangles and ensure there are no kinks. Secondly you can adjust the height of the ponytail to suit your style and comfort. If you want the higher bun make the ponytail at the top of the head. And if you want the lower bun make the ponytail near the nape of your neck. Similarly to create bun in middle make ponytail at the centre of head.Hair Bun To Style You Up

Use an elastic band to tie all hair into ponytail. Tighten the ponytail as much as pulling on ponytail then take all the hair in ponytail and tie them up. The next step is to roll them around the elastic band in a way the elastic is hidden all way and hair forms a nice round bun. Secure your end of the hair with the bobby pins so that bun remains intact and at the place. Carefully use the hairspray to settle the flyaway hair. While using hairspray, hold the can few inches away from the hair and keep your face away from the spray otherwise it would cause itching in the eyes.

Spray only ensures hair stay in place. Here is your hair bun, easy to make and ready in few minutes now you can go anywhere anyplace without hesitation. The hair bun is super fashionable, super chic and best hairstyle when it comes to harsh summer.

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