Gorgeous Hair up Styles for Beautiful Women

A good hairstyle can add sparkle in your personality. Carrying your hair is quite a task so better do it with grace and style! When it comes to hairstyles, mostly you do not follow the trend rather you look for the style that compliments you and suits you. There are thousands of different hairstyles that you can pick from. No matter how trendy haircut you just have or how good your hair look when untied, there are times when you need to do up hairstyles.

Tousled and teased

Soft waves of front bangs while the rest of hair has been swept back looks stunningly beautiful for every occasion. This is rather a playful look as you have tousled hair spreading here and there that gives a very chichi look to the face.

Upside ponytail

This is one of the coolest types of braided ponytails. Nowadays, it is among the trendiest hairstyles. Teenage girls usually love to have this. Soft braid with front loose wavy flicks make you look sassy and attractive.

Low chignons hairstyle

Low chignons

Chignons are never outdated. With ponytail or without ponytail, low chignon is simple to make. A very creative and neat look makes you gorgeous. This is a very chic look that compliments every age of female.

A bump and a twist hairstyle-500

A bump and a twist

Amazingly cute hair do that has every style in a little proportion. A side part, messy bun, twisted and wavy hair flick that falls beautifully but not come over the face, looks absolutely gorgeous. This hairdo gives richness to your hair and camouflaged the waves, curls or sleekness of your hair. A very balanced, natural and beautiful hair up style that look good on every hair color.

Glitzy bun hairstyle

Glitzy bun

Well, this hair up style is so very formal, fancy and fairy tale-ish. This is an extremely innocent hairstyle. Side sweeping soft curls with a glitzy hairband, while the rest of hair makes a soft, fluffy cotton candy type bun that suits you and keep your hair intact through the time. This looks extremely girlish and formal.

Ballerina bun hairstyle

Ballerina bun

Quite classical yet stylish, ballerina bun is for long hair. High ponytail that extends to high chignon in neat and tidy manner can make you look formal and composed. This hair up style is absolutely gorgeous and simple.


Rockabilly roll

Deep roll at the front and high pony tail with flaunting curls and waves gives the ponytail a dramatic touch. If the hair color is deep and dark then this hair up style can make you look retro and classy.

Princess roll

This hair up style might look difficult but it is not. It’s a very smart and unique way to make your hair look scintillating. This gives you a royal look and it looks beautiful from front, back and sides. If you have streaks then this princess roll would add gorgeousness to already amazing hair updo.

These are some of the gorgeous hairstyles but there are many more. Always be confident in every hairstyle you make.

Gorgeous Hair up Styles for  Women:

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