Get Your Summer On with Lavanya

Summer is here ladies and so are summer parties and beach days. Time to switch outfits from heavy winter wear, to light and flowy summer dresses. Each piece is hand embroidered and produced in small amounts. The intricate detailing, and the fabric is personally chosen to match each particular design. I assure you, you will feel light as a feather when donning one of Lavanya’s modern, yet classy pieces.
Lavanya Coodly’s core beliefs derive from sophisticated women who do not dress to impress. She uses her brand to reach out to women who have an adventurous soul, and lively spirit. Lavanya Coodly’s designs are unique pieces that will be cherished forever. Growing up in India allowed her to appreciate embroidery and fine materials such as silk. The hand woven clothing inspired Lavanya to bring her own designs to life, which she had been working on over the years. She began to read more about the concept of embroidery and after some time was able to master the skill.

Growing up in India, hand made clothing was essential, and Lavanya took up designing in her spare time. After she realized how much she loves putting her ideas to life, she decided to switch gears and created her own fashion label. She launched her eponymous brand in 2013 and since then has dressed numerous women. Her ideas come from various inspirations such as countries she has visited as well as day-to- day activities that trigger an idea or thought. Lavanya believes in comfort first and foremost, but she is also devoted to making sure each piece is versatile enough to be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. She produces items that are urban based and includes women who have bohemian inclinations.

Versatility is Lavanya’s motto. Fashion can be complex and every body type is different. Lavanya believes that not every item will fit every body type, but she ensures that everyone can find at least one item, which will make them fall in love with a Lavanya Coodly piece. So take a look at her website for pieces that will inspire you to look and feel your best-


Company Name: Couture Public Relations
Contact Person: Violetta Krotova
Phone: 310.734.6848

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