Get Wavy Loose Curls for Short to Medium Hair

a little if neededHaving curls is not a big deal today, even if you are not naturally gifted with them. You can have the bouncy curls, beach waves, close curls and many more in your naturally straight hairs occasionally as per to your choice. It was difficult in the past timings but now it is just easy to make Get Wavy Loose Curls for Short to Medium Hairhairs of every length wavy and curly easily. You can even get wavy curls for short hair by the help of available equipments easily by following some of simple and easy tricks explained below: Easy Hair Styles
Know your hair length
To get the best wavy curls it is important that you should know about the lengths of waves and estimate about how much length of hair will be consumed as well. You obviously know what your original hair length is and you should have an idea about the final length you will get after styling. In case of long hairs it is normal because they are just too long, but dealing with short or medium hairs this should be considered at first. Hairstyles for Teenage Girls
Suitable hair products
It is a fact before styling you need to make your hairs prepared for it, at least you have to wash your hairs and then condition them as well. Apart from that you need extra holding hair spray and also some kind of serum or mosses that protects your hairs form damage using curling process, because if you have sensitive hairs then you might have to pay attention to their strength and care as well. So, try to use quality and suitable products. You might also need some products like sea salt spry that gives a lift and grip to your hairs as well. Latest Hair Styles for Girls
Straight iron is more effective then curling one
To get wavy curls for short hair it is best if you use a straight iron instead of curling iron. Considering your desired results curling iron is not a best option as it gives you some close and bound curls that are not wavy or lose as well. As compare to that with a flat iron you will get the perfectly lose and wavy curls easily.
Consider the basic techniques Curls at the side-560
Like the other stylings you need to have a hair wash before and if you are unable to do so then a dry shampoo is not a bad deal.
On the second go, get the one inch flat iron and make sections of your hair from the side. Heat the iron from medium to medium high for perfect results.
If you hair needs some protection then you can also apply some of conditioning or rescue serums. Wave excellence hairstyles-550
Now, leave the one inch of the portion and start twisting hairs to 180 degree toward the back side of your head. Never put the iron towards your face.
Hold the iron in the same direction for a little and then move to the next level.
When you done with all your hairs then can spry . medium-long-hairstyles-for-thin-hair