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Although often considered simple creatures, men can be much harder to shop for than women! Come birthdays, Christmas, Valentines, anniversaries, and Father’s Day, women are usually racking their brains for something to get the man in their life. Will it be another tie this year? Or, maybe a new golf club, that will most likely gather dust in the closet. This year, get something the man in your life will actually use and appreciate with Klenskin!

KLENSKINKlenskin is a simple product that will not add a million steps to your morning routine. Many men do not wear moisturizer or foundation, which often has sunscreen built in, they are at an increased risk for sun damage. According to a recent survey, more than half of the men surveyed did not apply any sunscreen in the past twelve months, and about 70% of them couldn’t recognize the warning signs of skin cancer. This lax approach to skincare is usually a result of both indifference and lack of knowledge.

Klenskin’s three in one, shampoo, face, and body wash with sunscreen is perfect for the low maintenance man in your life. This is the perfect gift for the man in your life who is balding or has thinning hair. These men understand that there is nothing more painful than getting a sunburn on the top of your head! It is so easy to get a sunburn on your scalp, and even easier to forget to apply sunscreen there.

This revolutionary company is also releasing a traditional sunscreen with SPF 50 next month! This sunscreen has a higher protection than most products on the market, and will give you added protection for these scorching summer days. If you want to catch an early release of the product, Klenskin is sponsoring the AVP with a sunscreen station at their booth so people can try their product out for themselves. They will also be selling their wash- on products, while educating attendee’s on the affects of sun damage. This event will be held on July 14-17 at the Manhattan Beach Open. They have also partnered with St. Jude Hospital, and will be sponsoring the Medlock-Krieger Invitational and Concert Golf Tournament on Monday Aug 29 th . KlenSkin will also be sponsoring the Disneyland Race Expo from Sept 1-4, and will be suppling sunscreen to the participants.

Klenskin is a revolutionary skin care product for the man in your life! To check them out, head over to-


Company Name: Couture Public Relations
Contact Person: Melody Tong
Phone: 310.734.6848

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