Flaunting 25+ Hairstyles for Long Hair with Bangs | Easy Hairstyles

Women of all age need to have hairstyles that are easy and quick to make. Mostly women of this century have a lifestyle in which they have to go out and meet people a lot and in the midst of their career they need to look gorgeous and stylish. Hairs are the most prominent part in a women’s personality. Here are some 25+ Quick Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair with Bangs that are not only easy to make but a lot easier and stylish to carry.

Easy Hairstyles

  1. Twisted ponytail

A ponytail without a pony is one of the coolest Easy Hairstyles for long hair with bangs.

  1. Fluffy side swept

This style looks flaunting on long hair with bangs.

  1. Curls in straight hair

Loose curls in your long hair looks stupendous with bangs.

  1. Curly tresses

This is not the conventional curls, loose curls that looks like curly waves gives an attractive look to your long hair.

  1. Knotted pony

A creative style that looks royal is to knot a pony with your hair.

  1. Tease and tie

The loose enticing tease and a backward tie looks super gorgeous on long hair.

  1. Illusion mane pony

Tie two ponies one above the other that gives an illusion of voluptuous ponytail of your long hair.

  1. Asymmetrical chignon

This one is tricky but once you practice you will love to do it. Tie a pony sideways then twist it in a chignon and put the pins.

  1. The single twist

One of the royal Easy Hairstyles for long hair with bangs that keeps the convention and style right in place.

  1. Quick twist

For all those who like to have their hair tied up, this twist will keep your hair tied in a stylish manner.

  1. Side bangs

Though side bangs are too much in fashion but if you carry them with your charisma then it would look good for sure.

  1. Half up half down

This is the easiest of the hairstyles yet looks gorgeous on women of every age.

  1. Pompadour

Do little backcombing of front hair and then pin up in a pompadour, your long hair will look divine in this aspect.

  1. Waterfall braid

Like the half up hair do, this Easy Hairstyle is with slight twisting of hair that falls like the image of waterfall.

  1. Summer scarf up do

Wear a stretchy headband and then loosely tuck your hair in the headband while twisting it lightly.

  1. Fringes in long hair

Well this may look a bold hairstyle but undoubtedly it would make you attractive and confident.

  1. Hair bow

It’s very much in fashion and sure looks pretty.

  1. Over shoulder pony

Twist your hair in a knot and then tie it.

  1. Fake bangs

Tie a high pony tail and then mold them in front of the face that gives the impression that you have bangs.

  1. Mermaid braid

Braid your hair in two or three braids and then tie them together.

  1. High bun

It’s easy and does not need any pins.

  1. Knotted pullback

It looks refreshing and extremely classy.

  1. Knotty braid

High ponytail, then braid it and then roll it in a high bun.

  1. Brisk braid

Braid your long hair and then roll it up in a loose bun.

  1. Twisted ponytail

Twist your hair and make a braid and then tie a pony around it.

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