Fashion And Uniforms

Fashion Industry is a flourishing business. Around the world people spend a good amount of their earnings to keep themselves in sync with the latest fashion. They are very particular about their looks. They are very keen in keeping themselves presentable by wearing suitable garments, shoes, and accessories like matching jewelries, bags. They would like to even change their mannerism according to the customs and traditions of a particular place.

Everybody wants an elegant look to enhance his/her personality. It is a natural desire to be seen and admired by others. This leads one to adopt the latest fashion and look good & in maintain the latest trend. The new society requires a person to be in-run with the latest fashion and changes occurring in the society. The quality of being adaptable to change is the need of the ever changing world.

In rural areas people do not like to adapt according to the changing trends in the society, they prefer to stay accustomed to their traditions. Whereas in urban setup people come from different backgrounds and speak different languages and wear different types of clothes. They interact with each other through social gatherings, pubs, clubs etc and thereby adopt each others fashion and lifestyle. Fashion changes have also been linked to an overall change in the society having a modern and broader approach.

Children are also well aware of the latest trends in fashion when it comes to clothing, footwear and accessories. They also like to dress up and be presentable and attract attention. Their schools also take great care when it comes to the selection of uniforms. The uniform talks a lot about the school and the student’s wearing the uniform represent the image of their school.

Likewise many industries seek help from big fashion houses when they have to design a uniform for the company. As a uniform portrays the image of the company, great care and proper guidance is sought out in order to get that perfect look. Not only the colour but also different patterns and embroidery designs are incorporated in order to give the uniform a stylish look.

Even in hospitals and small clinics uniforms are made fashionable with latest embroidery patterns and different shades of colors. The color scheme, the company logo embroidery, and the accessories give the uniform and wearer a graceful and distinctive look.

The above are only a few of the examples of industries adapting latest trendy uniforms thus giving an idea of how fashion has impacted our daily lives. However, in all of this the focus should be on using fashion to stay simple yet distinguished.

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