Prom weddings are some sort of very formal and most amusing themed weddings that just remain alive in your mind and also let you to participate in it as well. It is more than just about the bride and groom as well. On such weddings most of the time you have to face a little problem is about your hair styling, how should you look and what will be the best style for you etc. but, here are some of the amazing and soothing hairstyles with curls for long hair that you can make easily to look elegant on a prom wedding. Haircut Styles for Women

The half up hottie
Even classic and even better for sure; it is a half up half down hair style that simply make your look glossy for sure. With all kinds of your wedding gowns or western style dresses it is just splendid. It’s just simple to do at all, prepare your hairs for the treatment by cleaning them and using some kind of holds. Get the curling iron and curl all the hairs form the back and low length just leave the front straight and if needed then use a flat iron. Now divide the front hairs in three sections, take the top section twist is to give it a little boon and pin at the back head. Now take the both side firmly and attach them to the back position as well. Now cover all the pins and clips with the curls. Iron your curls Hair style for Teenage Girls-40

Pin curled pony

All you want to do is to keep your hair off form the face then it is the best style on the list you have. All you have to do is to keep your front straight and if it is not evenly plain then use a flat iron. Select the length of curls at the rest and put some lose curls with a curling iron and pin it up in a pony style easily. It will make you comfortable and once you have just pin it then you are not required to reset again for sure.

Braided beauty wedding-guest-hairstyles-for-short-hair
To have a classy and sophisticated look this one is the best hairstyle you have got here. obviously it test your braiding skills but the plus point it has is your forehead is not facing any hair so your eye makeup will not get smudge at all while framing your face. All you have to do is to make sections and make braid at first on the front and later put curls on the remaining hairs with a curling iron. With a little setting of your curls and braid you are set to go.

Tendril temptress
This is one of the best hairstyles with curls for long hair, it is more than simple but gives you an elegant look at the wedding for sure. You can simply just put some kind of lose and rough curls to your hairs by the help of large rollers and more conveniently with the curling iron. It will look amazing with stunning earrings and sweet light complementary make up as well. hairstyles-for-long-curly-hair-with-bangs-55

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