Do Men Hire Stylists?

Gentlemen, whether you’re aware of this or not, your style is an extension of you: we base what you have to offer on how you present yourself through clothing. In the age of endless emails and texting, having natural personal connections are a distant memory. In turn, first impressions have become even more important because of the lack of real life interaction. With the help of Sophie Mae Style, you can leave great first impressions with impeccable looks chosen just for you.

Stylist and blogger Sophie Mae offers options to fit varying budgets and lifestyles. Sophie Mae can either shop with you to give you a hands-on experience on what to buy and how to shop for yourself, or she can deliver your pieces to your home or office. It’s about convenience for the busy man you’ve become, and reimagining your style for the new you. A well-tailored, well put together outfit can express every aspect of your complex personality, and having a stylist like Sophie Mae in your rolodex will ensure you’re always perfectly poised.


Sophie Mae is a stylist for everyone, taking pride in educating her clients on how to feel good and look better in their clothes. As a man in the workforce, you’re probably more focused on getting the job done rather than your own appearance. But a polished appearance will set you apart from your peers. Now, gentlemen, you may feel uninformed when it comes to fashion (probably since men are expected to be slovenly) but there’s no reason to be in the dark when it comes to looking good anymore! Your image should not be an afterthought, put as much time into yourself as you would your work, because you deserve to be appreciated for your style too.

Don’t shy away from the word “stylist,” it is not a feminine term. It is a term for anyone that wants to improve their appearance. In this day and age, you should be paying attention to your style as much as your feminine counterparts. You probably already have a base wardrobe, a few suits that work, but working with Sophie Mae can help you narrow down which pieces are going to help you make or break deals. Let Sophie Mae help you enhance not only your personal style, but also your professional image.

Stop envying the men at your gym who seamlessly go from sweat covered beasts to dapper gentlemen. You too can rock pocket squares and tie bars effortlessly, because working with Sophie Mae gives you indispensable style knowledge. Give yourself a break, and learn how to proclaim the type of man you are, with the help of Sophie Mae Style. To find out more about the services Sophie Mae can offer to you, and to contact the stylist herself, check out her blog-


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