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Aget Concept

Looking at winter wedding pictures online looks almost magical with the freshly fallen snow, horse-drawn carriages, and the jovialness that accompany the winter months. The smiles on the bride and groom’s faces make you feel warm and you think to yourself, I want a winter wedding. But behind those perfect winter weddings seen on Pinterest, the reality is cold temperatures, slushy dirty snow, ice, and the annoyance of having to travel through all of it to get from the ceremony to the reception.

If you are not a fan of the snow, then a destination wedding is something you should consider. Perks of having a destination wedding are: spending less money on people who you invite as a courtesy (because they most likely won’t pay all the costs needed to attend), an intimate ceremony, and the chance to say, “I do,” in a warmer climate with beautiful beaches and a killer sunset. Popular destination hotspots have been Hawaii, Bermuda, the South of France, Greece, Italy, as well as Turks and Caicos. All of these places bring their own allure, and if you’re going to have a destination wedding, you will need an unconventional wedding dress.

Aget Concept is an online boutique that provides upscale couture clothing. This website is changing the way that couture pieces are sold, by making avant-garde fashion convenient and easily accessible for the lifestyles of today’s shoppers. With designers from all over the globe, Aget Concept offers a wide selection of couture pieces that would be beautiful for any destination wedding. According to The, most destination weddings are held on the beach. Aget Concept’s featured designer, Antonio Marras, whose passion for fashion has been obtained through a familial birthright, has created a line of simplistic and modernly structured pieces that would flow seamlessly with any beach atmosphere. The Obita Optical White Dress is a destination bride’s dream by making them feel regal and ethereal.

Created in Italy, the Obita Optical White Dress is made with cotton and jute fabrics, which will feel soft against your skin. The gold and patterned embellishments are handsewn and bring a flair and color to an otherwise all white dress. The linen and lace like material will have you feeling comfortable as you walk down the aisle to your soul mate, and dance the night away under the stars. Wear your hair in a goddess crown with beautiful glowing makeup to complete your look. You can pair the Obita Optical White Dress with heels, sandals, or go barefoot, depending on logistics of your actual location. Aget Concept provides an excellent packaging and delivering service that will leave you hassle free when shipping the gown to your location.

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