Dainty Hairstyles for prom

Hairstyles undoubtedly shape out the charisma in you so it is important that you take care of your hairstyles especially when you are going for an occasion, party or formal event. The way you wear your hair, tells a lot about your personality and mood. So better give a positive and charming impression on the audience!

Prom night fervor

We all know how super excited you must be for your prom night. You must have gone through rounds of shopping, completing your dresses, accessories, shoes and jewelry. You probably have decided what kind of makeup you would like to have. You are making plans to dazzle the prom audience with your overall appearance and elegance. But let me assure you that if you have a stylish, unique hairstyle on your prom then you will definitely turn some heads and woo many spectators.

Here are some of the best hairstyles for prom, you can always add a little pinch to these by a hint of bright hair highlights, soft polishing or blow drying.

Sleek twist

Latest Hair Styles for Girls

It is one of the popular hairstyles that have been in trend. Side parting of hair and then twisting the flick of hair from front leading to the back and then tie it up in soft low bun. This hairstyle is not only classy but also looks so royal and feminine. It looks good on every face cut. Whether you wear light makeup or smoky make up, this hairstyle will compliment your personality.

Double knotted up do

This classy hairstyle is super elegant. This is among the famous hairstyles for prom for many years. It gives you the look of makeover. Because it’s your prom and you have to look different. In routine days you go in messy and daily routine hairstyles that means mostly you wear your hair untied or in loose ponytails. This knotted up do will make you look different and quite attractive.

Chic pouf

Well this is quite a fascinating look. This hairstyle will add charm in your personality. This is something unique and adventurous for a hairstyle. Side part front wavy pompadour and low knotted bun, is not only enigmatic but also looks super nice and classy.

Woven braid

This is a combination of braid and soft waves. Woven braid is among the most flattering hairstyle for prom.  It gives a cute, charismatic touch to your personality. Half woven braid and then flattering soft waves look awesome.

Loose ponytail

Soft curls and then tie them up in loose ponytail in a way that few tendrils touch your sides of the face. This is among the most flattering and elegant hairstyles for prom. This is easy to make, if you have streaks then it looks absolutely dainty on you.

Pompy tail

Front lavishing pompadour and soft waves at the back, is the trendiest and stylish hairstyles for prom. You need a little practice though to make it perfect but it’s nothing that is impossible for you to make.

Flatter yourself with these exciting, trendy hairstyles for prom. Walk the red carpet of your prom with confidence, elegance and charm.

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