Cute Hairstyles for Teenage Girls with Curly Hair! You Will Surely Adore Curls From now On!

Getting a hairstyle done has always been problem for all females and when it comes to teenagers they are much more conscious about it and very picky about it. To look pretty with a simple and quick hairstyle is not a challenge anymore. Girls with curly hairs should stop whining about their curls because we have come up with some really cool and Cute Hairstyles for Teenage Girls with Curly Hair.  From now on you won’t only love your curls but would adore them and would never want to lose them at any cost.

  1. The Pony with kick:

Cute Hairstyles for Teenage Girls

Let’s start with basic one: the pony tail. It may sound bit old fashioned but believe me the presence of natural curls can get you extra attention if you tie them up in a pony tail. You may leave some of curls at the front for a casual look. Here you are good to go anywhere you want.

  1. Classic Quiff:

If you are going for a formal dinner or wedding then this hairstyle is worth it.  Just backcomb your curls and pin down them with bobby pins. The curls intricate together would give a stylish yet natural look.

  1. French twist:

Cute Hairstyles for Teenage Girls

You can easily make a loose French twist and pin it back and then sweep the side bangs. French twist looks even glorious on girls with curls then on straight hairs.

  1. Long layers:

If you are blessed with curly hairs then why do you strive to straighten them? Let them flow in their natural wavy form. By getting layers you can get a flattering shape of your long curls. Doesn’t  Slama Hayek, the famous actress looks bold and beautiful in this hairstyle? Opt it if you want a descent look like her. The curlier the hair, The longer the waves should be.

  1. Shoulder-length cuts:

Shoulder length cuts always work fine for all types of curls. You can select from loose ways to ringlets. And the best thing is that it doesn’t weigh down hair.

  1. Iron your curls:

Yes we mean it. Iron them. Just because you have natural curls doesn’t mean you can use curling iron. Rather it gives your hair more perfect waves and enhances the texture.

  1. Messy updo:

Messy updo are the best friends of curly haired girls. First of all find the desired part. Then start from the back and take large triangle-shaped sections and twist them once.  Bring them to the center of the head, pin with bobby pins in an X pattern and continue bringing twisted triangles up. At last loose the ends of curls using pins where needed. This style is best for parties.

  1. Mahogany curls:

Cute Hairstyles for Teenage Girls with Curly Hair categorizes mahagony curls as one of the exotic hair styles. Use the tooth comb and pull out most of the curls and leave where you want to have your tendrils to begin. If you want to have a volume then lift the sections and back comb.

Curly haired girls stop cursing your curls and start looking fresh and charming by adopting these hairstyles. We promise you will love your hairs.

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