Cute Hairstyles For Kids With Curly Hair List

Kids are adorable and they look even endearing when we see that cute little girls have curly hair. Cute hairpins and pretty headbands are available in market for making stunning hairstyles of little beautiful girls.

Cute Hairstyles For Kids With Curly Hair

Swept away

Headbands are the invention all girls like to wear in parties and in daily routine of school and college life. Nowadays, many headbands are available in the market with beautiful designs and pretty creativities. Curly hair are best managed in these pretty headbands all the time.

Double twist

This is one of the easiest cute hairstyles for kids with curly hair as they look extremely beautiful and pretty. All you have to do is part your hair then twist it and pin it at the back. Remaining hair will be untied that look pretty on girls.

Overwhelming curls

Cute Hairstyles For Kids With Curly Hair

For all those pretty creatures that have curly hair, they should tie a colored ribbon on half of their hair because they look trendy and gorgeous and they will look cute on you.


No matter how advanced we have become but pigtails will never grow old at all. Undoubtedly, curly hair are not easy to handle but surely they look pretty when being made in a great hairstyle. Pigtails are a classic hairstyle with cute hairbands.

French braid

Cute Hairstyles For Kids With Curly Hair

French braid looks classically cute and pretty on curly hairs. Kids love to make French braid as it is stylish and pretty hairstyle to wear. Whether on formal events or daily school routine, every girl likes to wear French braid decorated with cute hairpins.

Double twist ponytail

It’s sleek and stylish, pretty and bold. Tie a pony of your hair and then braid it thickly. This will give a refreshing look to your curly hair.

Bouncy bangs

Curly hair embellished with soft bangs gives volume and prettiness. Whimsical drama of luxurious curls looks adorable hairstyle. The bangs add beauty and style to this hairstyle.

Curly sue

Pretty curls looks lavishing if you just tie a pony on top with some hair. It looks bouncy and very chic.

Braided crown

Cute Hairstyles For Kids With Curly Hair

Braid your front hair in a way that they form a crown. It is a Disney princess hairstyle that every girl wants to wear it. Cute colorful hairpins can make this braid more royal and stylish.


From the back, this hairstyle looks a piece of creativity and quite artistic. However, this needs a little practice. Braiding your front hair a bit and then tie a rough tousled bun at the back. This will look quite feminine and gorgeous.

Basic bun

This is the simplest cute hairstyles for kids with curly hair. It’s alternatively called the ballerina style bun as well. It looks composed and classic on curly hair.

Curly hair looks adorable and cute because not many girls can have these curls and nowadays girls use curlers to have curls in your hair. The hairstyle looks vivacious and classy when it has curls. There are so many hairstyles with so many variations that add up to your beauty.

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