How to Curl Long Hair with a Curling Iron

How to Curl Long Hair with a Curling Iron

Your hair makeover is the most important thing you do when you need an update in your look, having long hairs is a good quality but to manage them perfectly it is important to have a proper styling as well. Curls make your appearance and your hairs attractive and easy to mange as well. In fact when you have long hairs then it is important for you to have proper styling and curls are a best option you have. These are the only thing that carry a huge verity in them and also suits you in every situation as well. To make some perfect hair curls in your long hairs it is important that you have proper equipment like rollers or curling iron and also know that how to curl long hair with a curling iron. It is suggested that you should curl long hairs with curling iron because it gives a better grip and proper curls as well. To learn more about it you can follow the following steps.

How to Curl Long Hair with a Curling Iron

Step 1: set clean and plain hair

To make perfect curls by the help of curling iron it is important that you have clean, plain and fresh hairs that are just simply dried and combed well. The hairs should be plain and do not undergo with any kind if straightening treatment before curling. The fresh hairs will have a better curling effect and your hairs will also do not get damaged by the process. You can use some kind of conditioners or serums according to your hair type for their protection by curling iron if you have sensitive hairs and always use the quality curling iron.

Step 2: Make portions

While making curls with a curling iron it is not possible for you to curl the whole hairs at once. It is a technique that requires a procedure so you will get the best results. So now make partitions and portions of your hairs and hold them separately with clips or pins. Make sure that you have all of the hairs clipped separately in sections and have the layer in bottom open to curl them first.

Step 3: Start up!

Now it’s time to get your curling iron and start curling hairs, take one or two inches wide part of your hair from bottom, hold them and start wrapping them on curling iron. Now it is your choice to wrap inward or outward depending on the style of curls you want.

Step 4: Spry it!

After making curl on the one strand of your hairs just spry it with holding hair spray that will help it to remain balanced and in its form for long.

Step 5: Repeat again and again!

It is the simple procedure, you can easily get the next strand of approximate same width and again apply the same procedure and do not forget to spry every time when you make a curl.

How to Curl Long Hair with a Curling Iron

It is not so difficult to learn about how to curl long hair with a curling iron in fact you can easily try it by having all the equipments set and time management.