Celebrity Lovely Hairstyles for Round Faces

Hair style plays a great in determining the overall personality of any woman. So it is really a vital thing to style your hairs according to your face shape. Most women have blessed by round faces and want to carry varied hairstyles to change their monotonous look. They don’t have enough knowledge about hairstyles and how to style their hair in a classy and natural way. This article gathers the celebrity lovely hairstyles for round faces from the whole world. The amazing hairstyles in this article will not only help you to follow the new fashion trends but also it will help you to groom your personality. You can facilitate yourself by following any of these lovely hairstyles to change your dull hairstyle.

Female celebrities with lovely hairstyles having round face:

Female celebrities with round shape don’t want to have hairstyles with more volume. They opt for short bobs, open wavy or straight hairs, loose strands, etc. to hide their round cheeks. Stylish and alluring top eight celebrity lovely hairstyles for round faces are mentioned below.

  • Mila Kunis:

 Mila Kunis, a Hollywood celebrity, is blessed with a round face and she prefers smooth and dead straight long hairs.

  • Selena Gomez:

Selena Gomez has an innocent look and a round face. She is a music celebrity and belongs to America. She mostly has a lovely and stylish hairstyle with short bob and side bangs at the front.

  • Taylor Swift:

Taylor swift is a well known Hollywood singer. She has a classic look and also blessed with a round face. When she opens her blonde curly hairs she looks so beautiful.

  • Kristan Stewart:

Kristan Stewart, who got great fame from the twilight series, is a Hollywood actress and has a round face. She simply opens her wavy hairs with side bangs at the front to impart an attractive look.

  • Aishwarya Rai:

Aishwarya Rai is a woman with a gorgeous round face and adds more beauty to it by simply part the hairs from the center of the head and creates loose curls from the mid to the end.

  • Kristen Dunst:

Kristen Dunst, who is a beautiful Hollywood actress, styles her hairs by putting them on one side and creates waves with the help of a curling iron.

  • Penelope Cruz:

Penelope Cruz, a famous Spanish actress exhibits her round face with stylish hairstyle.  She simply opens her straight hair in a natural way with the straight fringes all over her eyebrows.

  • Scarlett Johanson:

Scarlett Johanson is the beauty with brains. She is not only a singer but also a model and a singer. She simply has short wavy and messy hairs for her sexy round face.

Now women can revive their look in a more stylish manner. They can dazzle their personality by adopting these simple and lovely hairstyles of the above mentioned stunning female celebrities. To achieve a unique and appealing look, they can go any of these pretty and lovely hairstyles.

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