Behind The Choice Of Clothing And Fashion Accessories

When we buy clothes, fashion accessories and beauty treatments, which we perhaps feel may partly complete us as individuals, are we perhaps less rational than when buying other things? Could our choices depend on a less rational process?

It’s been about four years since we started receiving a strongly negative media load when turning on the TV or radio, or while reading newspapers or magazines; not to mention online.

Naturally, serious and not-so-serious journalists have no shortage of angles from which to address the worst global economic downturn since the Great Depression began in 1929.

And there’s no doubt that that low-lying cloud of bad news has a certain level of influence on investment decisions, which until 2008 probably seemed easier.

However, when we think of updating our wardrobe or choosing a new designer Italian leather bag, the way we make decisions and carry out actions seems less tied to rational behaviour than those more formal investment strategies.

If we think back to our actions relating to such purchases over time, we may realize there was somehow a different process; sometimes we made purchases as a snap decision just before we left for work, often much faster than in other circumstances; certainly just different.

So the question surely is, why?

Well, when choosing clothes or fashion accessories, we’re moved by our emotions; such personal choices are more related to our inner mood and transient feelings; sometimes ephemeral, it’s the same inner guide that leads us to choose a melody or song instead of another one.

Fashion is synonymous with colour, contrast, state of the soul, and as human beings we are not linear.

And that’s reflected not only in our selections of clothes and Italian fashion accessories such as bags, leather belts, fashion jewellery and so on, but also about when and how we’ve made our choices. We’ve fulfilled a desire in an unexpected and spontaneous way. Thus we feel buoyed by momentum when we receive a package in the mail or returned home with new bags.

How often have we found ourselves wondering, “What was I thinking of when I’ve bought this one?” Moreover, if it’s something we’ve bought just a month ago, now we’re likely wondering about an opposite style that would comfort us completely.

The answer is likely to be related to a temporal aspect (today, now) but even more, it comes from our soul; it’s just that at that moment, yesterday’s emotions were different from those of today, and certainly will be different from those of tomorrow.


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