An Exclusive Interview With America’s Simple Man, Doc Dalton

We recently got an opportunity to have an exclusive interview with America’s Simple Man, Doc Dalton. In an extended time, conversation session, we asked him everything, from personal to professional, his fans would like to know.

Kahaniyan: First let us say thank you for taking the time to be with us and can you describe or introduce yourself for our readers?

Doc Dalton : Most times when I describe myself, I say something crazy like, I would be what you call the eccentric love child of Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson if they could have had a baby.

I am just a bit different, look at the world different and don’t believe all the bull s _ _ _ that is being thrown around out there today to all the people. I consider myself a good person who cares about people and because of that, I want to make everything as simple as possible within my life and that includes, everyday living, business and faith and share that with everyone who comes my way so their life can be much easier and successful as well.

Kahaniyan: You are known as ‘America’s Simple Man’ What’s the reason behind this and how do people react to all this and most importantly, do you care?

Doc Dalton : America’s Simple Man is just that, keeping everything as simple as possible. In today’s fast pace world people get lost because it is almost as if, the world keeps up-loading new versions of everything people need to deal with. People just can’t keep up with it all and many don’t want to keep up with it all.  On top of that, there are those who are afraid to take part and to learn and it’s because of this fear, folks become lost within their own self and it’s terrible in countless ways. So I try to take a simple, inexpensive on line business and develop an easy approach for them to follow so they can gain success. It’s just a positive push in the right direction.

To your part of the question about do I care what people think about me and what I am doing. The answer is simple, NOT AT ALL. You need to understand that I am not hurting anyone. I know the feeling of being lost, so who better to talk with someone or show someone a few simple steps to change their life. It’s time for many to embrace and appreciate a new way.

Kahaniyan: You sound like someone who understands and appreciates life in their own way. What are some of the things you truly appreciate?

Doc Dalton: My family right from the start. I always say my wife drives me crazy and has perfected that craziness after many years of practice. She is like a heat seeking missile to insanity. But after all this time, I just wouldn’t have it any other way. My daughter is a true blessing and believes she is my mother from a previous life and insists on being my mother in this life as well. She has blessed me with a granddaughter who has the strings to my heart day in day out and my little Booba takes me to places I never knew my heart could go. My son in law is a great person, great father, great husband and great son in law. I respect him very much. So, there is a lot to be grateful for just from this perspective alone.

Kahaniyan: You mentioned family in your previous answer, but what about friends?
Doc Dalton: Here’s where I get myself in to trouble. Some of my closest and dearest friends are the ones walking around in my head. We have gone through some very tough and dark times together and it has been a battle. As strange as this sounds, I appreciate them all collectively and I am grateful for their help in getting me through my tough moments. I hope your OK with that answer.

Kahaniyan: You were diagnosed with a disease called Sarcodosis a few years back. How do you handle that and does it affect your depression at all?

Doc Dalton : Sarcoidosis (pronounced SAR-COY-DOE-SIS) is an inflammatory disease that can affect almost any organ in the body. I don’t handle it well at all, in fact, it handles me mostly. It doesn’t go away and it appears at the worst times and is flat out horrendous. It’s a ride to hell and back for sure and yes, it affects my depression greatly.

If this disease sounds familiar to you it could be because comedian Bernie Mac had it and it was associated with his death. I have two cousins who have it and my aunt died last year from a form of it.


Kahaniyan: You hosted a children’s show called ‘Body Slam on Drugs’.  Can you tell us a little about that?

Doc Dalton : At the time I was involved in pro wrestling as a manager. A local North Jersey Police Department approached me about hosting a show with them. They had a full set up for TV production within their own department. To me, it seemed like the right thing to do at the right time and I did it. The showed air for over 3 years and we received countless letters of support from such people as, Governors, Senators, Congressmen, Former President Jimmy Carter, Police, Schools and Parents and Children. Friendships were made and I always find it important to mention these two guys who were the biggest part of the show. Officer Lenny Azzarone a member of the SBPD and a gentleman who worked with the show from a studio he owned, Pat Mirucki. They are two great people who have become two great friends.

Kahaniyan: We heard that you hosted a few radio shows and there might be a new one coming soon. Any news that you would like to share?

Doc Dalton :  I hosted Outlaws 4 Christ Radio and Outlaws and the Blues. Both shows air for  3 years and besides broadcasting on line, we also aired out of, WNJC 1360 AM out of Philadelphia. Our coverage consisted of Southern Jersey, Eastern PA, all of Philly, most of Delaware and Maryland. And yes, I am happy to say that Outlaws 4 Christ Radio will be returning in early 2017 after 5 years off the air waves. We received messages from folks who liked the shows and have asked us to do it again and that is our motivation in bringing it back..

Kahaniyan: You are really in to writing poetry, what type of experience has that been for you?

Doc Dalton : This is easy, poetry flat out saved my life, make no mistake about it. I was hospitalized for depression and while there a doctor said to me, I think you should write poetry, it will help you. I said to myself, he is crazier than I am but I am locked up and can’t go anywhere, so why not. I was 100% caught off guard. It brought me peace and it could give my mind a break from everything else that was going on upstairs in that head if mine.

I didn’t stop writing and the shocking thing was, most of my writings were what I would call, God poetry. Writing takes my mind to places that is so far out there, that it is what I call, a mental vacation.

I have been published in a national magazine and a few other places and have well over 250 poems to this date.

Kahaniyan: Have you ever written a poem as a dedication to someone?

Doc Dalton : Yes I have, and t was one of my first poems called,  “When Gods Angel Became My Friend.” It was a true story about a young African American girl who I worked with that for whatever reason caught on that I was sick. She never left my side and helped me get through my days for a very long time. “3 months” She said some of the kindest things to me and would tell me all would be just fine. Then one day she said to me, sometimes at night when I pray I fall asleep while praying. But last night I sat up and ask the Lord to protect you, bless you and watch over you. Those words have always stuck in my mind and she was my angel who became my friend and that poem was just for her. The funny thing is, that poem has been requested more times than I could remember. One day I received an e mail from a pastor in North Carolina who asked me would it be OK if he used the poem in his Sunday service. I was honored and thought how wonderful that would be.

Kahaniyan: Can you give us some closing lines from your latest poem?

Doc Dalton: The title of the poem is, “A Shot of Cuervo and Some Jesus to Go”

I’ve Prayed like Hell, to the Heavens up above
To ask for his mercy and even more, for his love
I’m tattered and torn, don’t know how much more I can go
Hey bartender, I’ll take a shot of Cuervo, and some Jesus to go.

Kahaniyan:In addition, you also are writing a number of books. What inspired you?

Doc Dalton : Poetry was the main reason that I am writing books. None of my books are over 100 pages. I believe if you have something to say, say it and move on. I have a total of 8 books planned between now and the end of 2018. Most of them are poems and short stories about those poems. I get to express myself through my poems followed by a short story on what brought me to writing those words. Most of my books is what I would call Spiritual in nature. I always say, Jesus is my CO writer.

My next book will be entitled, ‘It’s A God Thing” followed by, “That’s The Beauty Of It All.” It’s Doc Dalton Books is published through Martin James Publishing.


Kahaniyan: You mentioned Jesus, can you give us some Doc Dalton thoughts on him.

Doc Dalton: I am not a holy roller by no means. But I am a Believer 100% and embrace that in my own way. Yea, Jesus and I have had a few good talks and I know I have made him crazy from time to time. But he is my good friend and has stayed by my side through thick and thin.  The big man upstairs has my back. It’s just nice to know I can close my eyes and put my head back and take a moment and say thank you to him. It means a lot. I always say, I never leave home without him, what’s in your heart.

Kahaniyan: You have in place a new type of mentoring program that deals with income. Can you talk about that a little?

Doc Dalton: I touched on it earlier a bit. I watched a gentleman on television one day asking did people enjoy their jobs. For those who didn’t he suggested to take a piece of paper and to write down exactly how they would want their personal business to work and they should take it to the most broken down level they could, and that is what I did.

I wanted it so simple that it could be done in only 3 Simple Steps. It needed to be inexpensive so many people can take part in it. The products had to be ones that wouldn’t interfere with the operation of the business and the reputation of the business and its owners had to be positive.  The compensation plan had to be fair for everyone, not just a selected few at the top. The company also had to be debt free and in good standing with the BBB. I searched for that type of company and I am happy to say that not only did I find a company just like I wanted, but I found two. And now is the time to create my income team or should I say, my Simple Income Team.

Kahaniyan: What and where does age come in to play with all of this.

Doc Dalton: With age comes wisdom and with wisdom comes understanding. Because of this I think I can bring a little hope to folks by showing them how it’s OK to just be yourself. Let the world embrace you for just being you. Your truly good enough and It could be a beautiful thing.

No need to be a phoney. No need to be a make believe big shot. And for those who say age is only a number, let me tell you they lied. The higher the number, the higher the pain that comes along with it. Yes, God does have a sense of humor.

Kahaniyan: What goals to have for the future.

Doc Dalton: I always say this and it gets me in to trouble but here it goes anyway.

To survive till tomorrow without killing myself today. To appreciate the world and what it has to offer and it could be as simple as the passing of the breeze, the sparkle of the brightest stars in the sky or just watching a bird fly from one tree to the next. Of course, there must be a good cup of coffee involved with all this.

I also want to write more, both poetry and books and I would love to be on Oprah’s, Super Soul Sunday for several reasons. One being, because I believe I would make a good guest because I have a lot to offer in my own special yet, different way. I really do admire her ‘Oprah”, just something about her and the way she does her thing, it’s refreshing. I remember watching her show and I would always notice the look in her studio audience’s eye’s. They were always excited about seeing her. It didn’t matter if she was black or white, short or tall, heavy or thin. They were there for one reason and one reason only, and that was to see her and that’s a wonderful quality to have. And besides, it’s my dream or goal and it’s free to think that way, so why think small, think big.

Kahaniyan: Any closing thought you would like to share with our readers or how they can find you?

Doc Dalton: I would like to say thank you to you and your magazine for having me. I truly appreciate it. And as far as finding me, the best place to start is at my website at: – everything about me and what I do is there.


Again, thank you and Blessings & Peace to everyone.


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