How to Add More Curl to My Wavy Hair

Although you have the wavy hairs but it doesn’t mean that you cannot make them better, in fact you can add some more curls to your hairs. But, the thing is you have to make them naturally so they do not look overwhelmed and artificial as well. If you have thoughts like How to Add More Curl to My Wavy Hair in your mind then you should get the best tips that will give you an entire new look that is natural and korean hairstyles for girlsattractive as well. Practice the following steps to get more attraction and finished look for your hair.
Step 1: Use curl enhancing shampoo and conditioner to clean and condition your hair, it is insisted to use the curl enhancing products as they provide enough moist to your lock and bring them to volume as well. To give intense curls to a wavy hair type naturally it is important to use the natural settings so it looks normal and even as well.
Step 2: After cleansing and washing your hairs now you should not use any kind of hair dryer and even do not make them lose all their moisture. Just give a little towel treatment to remove excess moisture and left them damp. How to Curl Long Hair with a Curling Iron
Step 3: Now just fill your palm with Ultra light curl enhancing mousse, very lightly rub your palms together and simply run your fingers all over your hairs from root to tip. You have to be gentle, do not do it too hard and make it possible that every string would get a light coating of the mousse. As it helps your hair to lock and hold the curls.
Step 4: Now the real action began of you question that How to Add More Curl to My Wavy Hair, get you blow dryer and attach a diffuser to it to make its effect a little low. Bring the dryer to the low heat and low airflow settings so the hard dry air will not hit the curls directly. hairstyles-for-girls-with-Layered
Step 5: turn on your blow dryer and point directly towards your hair, while it is working just gather up the small section of your hairs and push them upward towards the scalp to increase the curls. Be steady in your practice so the curls get the time to settle and hold their place. girls-women-easy-hairstyle-new-fashion
Step 6: Blow dry your hair until they are majorly dry but let the dryer off when there is a little moist and let the air finish the remaining task.
Step 7: Now for the controlled curly look, get a section of your hair wrapped onto your index finger, bring near to your scalp and spray some curl enhancing mist. Release the curl gently and apply the same trick on the other selected sections of your hair.
Spte 8: Also spry the areas of hair that need some extra hold especially the crown of you head and other part that seems to be necessary and you are ready to go. easy-updos-for-long-hair-Girls

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