25 Best Korean Long Wavy Hairstyles in Bangs

Hairstyle plays a major role in representing your personality. Such hairstyles should adopt that are not only trendy but also it compliments your overall look. We have explained below 25 best Korean long wavy hairstyles with bangs. Now you can maintain personality with these fashionable hairstyles.

 korean hairstyles for girls-58The side bangs:

Part your hairs on one side and cut the hairs in short layered bangs.

Faux bangs:

Gather the front hairs and turn them on the inner side.

Inward long bangs:

Create long bangs and pull them on one side. Then twist the lower part of bangs to pin it to the side.

The baby doll fringes:

Simply cut your front hairs above your eyebrows.

The Korean high bun:

The high bun is the most traditional and famous Korean hairstyle. Take all your hairs, determine its high place and make a bun of it.

The side bun hairstyle:

Take all your hairs from the side and make a bun on the side.

The French braid bun:

Take all your hairs at the back and make a French braid. With this French braid make a bun.

The messy bun hairstyle:

Gather your upper hairs and tie them with a pin. Make a braid of the rest of the hair and then create a bun of it.

The High pony tail:

It is also the easiest hairstyle that anyone can adopt. Just gather all the hairs from your back and tie them with a pony. You can also add front or side bangs with it.

Pulled back Pony tail:

Make a low height loose pony tail with your long wavy hairs with bangs and pulled them back.

The long wavy hairstyle:

It is the most easiest and quick Korean Hairstyle. You just have to leave your hairs after the shower and let them dry naturally.

Long straight hairstyle with baby doll fringes:

You have to straight your hairs with any straightening rod.

Open hairs on one side:

Part your hairs from the side and pull out the wider part at the front.

Open hairs with side twists:

Part your hairs from the center and make small twists of your hairs from both sides.

Open hairs with baby doll fringes:

This hairstyle is achieved by simply opening of your long wavy hairs in a natural way with the straight front fringes all over your eyebrows.

Pinned up hairs:

Pinned up your upper part of the hairs, while the rest of the hair remains open.

Long Wavy layers with side bangs:

After the shower, shape your hairs in layers with the scissor and let them dry. Also cut side bangs with this hairstyle.

Long straight layers with side bangs:

Cut your long straight hairs in layers and add a side bang with it.

Curls on lower hairs:

Just part the hairs from the center and make curls on the lower part of hairs.

Sport a headband:

Place a headband over your head while your hairs remain open.

Flaunt a bow with baby doll fringes:

Just take some strands of hairs and tie them with a bow.

Both side braids:

First make a baby doll fringe at the front, then part your hairs from the centre and create braids on both sides.

The French Braid: Pull all your hair at the back and make a French braid.

The front bump hairstyle:

Gather a part of hairs from the front, pull them back and tie them with pins.

The Rapunzel hairstyle:

To flaunt this look, you just have to grow your hair till your hips length.

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