12 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Your Big Day

Styling your hair might be tricky when it comes to fixing in the veil and the blusher. Where veil and blusher make you look special, they also need special effort to be fixed in so that your hair looks well-suited to your wedding gown. Wearing your hair in a way that it looks strikingly beautiful and satisfactorily done while slotting in the blusher or the veil is quite a task! However, some simple wedding hairstyles can help you accessorize your hair gorgeously with minimum effort and without busting your wedding budget.

  • Casual blow dry with inward edges

The simple blow dry goes exceptionally well with smooth silky hair. Rolling the edges inwards makes your hair tidy and hides the rough strands. Also, blusher and veil can be pinned in easily.

12 Gorgeous Hairstyles For Your Big Day

  • Half up half down

If your hair is a little hard to handle, tying half of it is the better option. Tied hair provides a suitable strong base to fix in the blusher with rhinestones and the turbo-length veil too.

  • Bridal updo

This wedding hairstyle is appropriate when your gown is too sparkly or heavily embroiled in its upper part. It neatens out the messy loaded look and settles the hair firmly.

  • Loose curls with broad-net veil

This is the latest trendy hairstyle that goes well with broad-net veil and heavy blusher. A simple use of two or three different rollers and loose glossy curls bouncing beneath the veil look stunning

  • Bridal Bun with cheek-grazing veil

Show off you intricate bridal bun simply by knotting up all the hair in fabulous overlapping whirls and pin it up with floral accent fitting in silver blusher or veil.

  • Classic waves

Classic waves are never out of fashion. A sleek haircut with wavy tresses nicely nestled with shoulder length diamond-net veil and crimson blusher is one of the most recommended wedding do-its for round faces.

  • Wispy Big Bangs

If you have big broad bangs, flaunt them perfectly trimmed and straightened with crisp curls and a flowery head piece to set in the Bandeau veil and blusher.

  • Spiky bob cut

Spiky Bob cut spices up the heavy shiny blushers or shimmery nose-cut veils.

  • Braided knots

Braids always give bride the extra edge of delicacy. Two medium sized braids tied in a half updo or a low and loose bun fixed by pearl-beads look classy with bird-cage veil.

  • Criss-cross French twist

Wear your hair with a royal essence by doing it the French way. Neatly twisted strands forming the mesh with flower accents and a bushy veil make a remarkable combination.

  • Curlicue Bouffant updo with Floral Stones

Loaded curls tied in bouffant updo with silver floral stones pinned to one side and French veil is a splendid wedding hairstyle for long faces and lean figures.

  • A low side chignon

This hairstyle not only adds volume to hair but provides a good room for floral headpiece. A Cathedral length veil and glittery blusher is apt with loosely tied braids.


No matter what hairstyle you choose, it needs to be in accordance with your gown, jewellery and face cut. Above all, whether simple or complicated, the hairstyle must end giving you an overall comfortable look that makes you feel elegant and exquisite.


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